Swedish Youth Championships

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This Saturday was the Swedish youth championships in Gothenburg. Friday after school my family and I left for Gothenburg, we arrived late friday evening.

We had a early start Saturday morning, in order to have time to warm up and get ready for the competition. The competition hade 73 registered competitors from 16 different clubs, even tough it was the swedish championships people from Denmark, Norway  and Austria also participated.

Both qualifying routes were great fun even tough they were a little bit to easy to find the max capability of each climber. The 1:st route was the easiest and everybody in my group topped (youth B). The second route was slightly harder and me and 3 others topped. All together we were 2 swedes, one dane and one norwegian that had toped both qualification routes.

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The final looked harder, but I was afrade that it would be to easy. We were told that if more than one climber topped they would look at the qualification results and if they were the same the time in the finals would count. After a long wait in the isolation, probably around 3h, it was my time to climb. I was nervous, but to concentrated on the route for it to effect my climbing. I was working on the fact that some one had topped the route, so I knew that i had to climb fast to win. Speed climbing has never been my thing but I really wanted to win. I tried to climb afficenly without geting pump. The route was really fun! I managed to top the route and was really happy when I came down, until I found out that one of the other Swedish climbers had topped the route faster than me, so I Finnish in a 2:nd place. Even tough I really would have liked to win a was quite happy with my 2:nd place, because it made me motivated to become even better and comeback next year, with even more experience and win the Swedish championships.

2014-05-10 JSM 2014 116 (530x800)

I had a lovely weekend with all my lovely friends!

On the sunday Nicki asked the National Team to come and train att “Klätter Labbet” during the morning. It was a really fun training but I only stayed for half of it as i hade promised my little brother to go to Liseberg (a big amusement park in gothenburg) which also was fun!



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