Training camp in Copenhagen

By Freja Duncan on 2014.05.12 In Training

Training camp at Blocs and Walls, Copenhagen

Last Wednesday my Dad picked me upp from school to drive me to Slagsta where I was picked upp by Björn, Emil and Ymer. We were going to the national team training camp at blocs and walls in Denmark!

It was 4 long, hard days of climbing. Thursday started with a presentation about exercise Physiology, that Björn held. After the very interesting presentation we  had lead and speed interval training. Climb for 20sec and rest for 20sek until it wasn’t possible anymore. After this we had balance training with Patrik Hagelin (an olympic champion in gymnastics). After the first day we were so sore and tired that it felt impossible to train for 3 more days!


The second day included campus training on different grips and lead/ boulder training. After 2 days of hard climbingI think that everybody needed a rest/building day!

On the 3:rd day the task for the older children was to build 12 routes for the competition between Sweden and Denmark the following day. 6 routes for each country. As I wasn’t allowed to build lead routes together with friends I built a boulder and then left for Copenhagen Boulders.


Finally sunday came, even tough we were tired, everybody had been looking forward to the competition! We got divided into two groups: girls and boys so we were not divided into age groups. The first route was built by Nea and was probably around 6c/6c+. I was so nervous that I fell on the second move, but Nicki told me that I could restart, and I managed to top it without any trouble.  The second route was probably 6c+/7a. I managed to do it, even tough I got a bit of pump in the end.  The 3:rd route was much harder and was built by some really good Swedish girls. The route had a lot of high feet and reachy moves. I was tired everywhere and my skin hurt so I didn’t get that far. In the end I think that i finished in a 4:th place.

It was a really fun weekend and I met a lot of new friends!


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